BITS Connecting Community Banks

Unmatched Customer Support

BITS provides an invaluable service to its banks: Accountability. We are 100% accountable to you for everything we deliver.

At its most profound – this means never waiting for an answer and never worrying if an issue is lost in the chasm.

With BITS – we’re on it 24/7 with a highly-skilled and dedicated team of engineers, developers and customer service people who care only about one thing – delivering peerless service to you, at anytime.

Peerless Customer Support

  • Single point of contact
  • Moves, adds, and changes
  • Audit Support
  • Product & Solution Consultations
Self Service Solutions

  • Customer Portal
  • Network Performance Monitor
  • Call Statistics Reporting

It is frustrating and inefficient trying to resolve voice and data related outages, especially when relying on multiple service providers. Finger pointing is far too common.

BITS offers the ideal support for community banks. We provide a single point of contact for all your voice and data communication support, including circuits, hardware, and connectivity. We prevent any confusion of who to call when experiencing a problem. BITS owns any voice/data/Internet/hardware/circuit communications related problem related to our services until it’s resolved. The buck stops here – period.

We provide world class support by providing our customers with qualified and trusted engineers that can solve the majority of issues on a first call basis. Our support engineers are more than qualified technicians as they understand community banking related issues better than any other “telco-support” out there.

Ongoing Network Support Includes

BITS follows industry standards for best practices on how to maintain and operate our network. Issues are detected and addressed before they become customer problems.

BITS assures voice & data network stability and performance by maintaining and upgrading all critical hardware and software network related components on a frequent basis.

BITS regularly performs proactive failover testing to assure network redundancy which includes quality reporting to our customers once the test is completed.